Sisters Need A Place (SNAP)

Partner & Collaborating Agencies

SNAP works with the following agencies to exchange services and referrs to and is referred by the following local agencies.

Bridging, Inc.

"Bridging is a non-profit 501(c)(3), operating 58,000 square feet of warehouse in Bloomington and Roseville and provides service to a 24 county area. Bridging serves approximately 115 households a week and operates with a small paid staff of employees. We rely upon over 7,000 individual and group volunteers who donate over 88,000 hours annually."

Lutheran Social Services of MN Financial Counseling Services
LSS Financial Counseling Service has offered credit counseling services since 1987 and is one of the largest providers of full-service, community-based financial counseling in Minnesota. Our financial counselors are trained to work with all people, including those who are facing financial crisis. We have offices statewide and also serve the country by phone and online counseling services.
Ready for Success  
"Ready for Success (RFS) provides low-income women with new or gently-used professional clothing, accessories, and personal care items suitable for job interviews and the workplace."
Twin Cities VoiceMail (TCVM)  

"Twin Cities Community Voice Mail (TCCVM) helps low-income Minnesotans without phones by providing them with free voice mail service. This critical communication link connects them to the community to help them find jobs, homes, health care and other services necessary for self-sufficiency."

Vine & Branches  
"We have several tools in place that are intended to be supportive of those who need help stretching limited budgets. We especially wish to be supportive of single parents preparing to enter the work force, or struggling to make it on an entry-level salary."


SNAP is a non-profit organization that supports the community by providing social services to women in need.  We only survive on the kind and generous donations provided by people who care, like yourself.

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