Sisters Need A Place (SNAP)

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Lutheran Social Services of MN Financial Counseling Service

A Word to the Wise: Free Financial Counseling!

Help is available to all people through LSS Financial Counseling Service. LSS offers free budget and debt counseling to help you gain control of your money , improve your credit report, or consider alternatives to bankruptcy. They also offer a low-cost Debt Management Plan which can reduce interest rates or late fees on debts. LSS financial counselors are knowledgeable and want to help! Call today to make an appointment: 1-888-577-2227.

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority

Creating the foundation for the common good by building and nurturing interdependent relationships within and among religious communities.



SNAP is a non-profit organization that supports the community by providing social services to women in need.  We only survive on the kind and generous donations provided by people who care, like yourself.


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"There has come to you from G-d a light and a luminous Book, through which G-d, by his grace guides all
who seek His good pleasure on the path of peace, and brings them out of the depths of darkness into light
and guides them onto a Straight Path." (Quran 5:15-16)
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